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  smc marine & fishing eqpt co.ltd located in dongying is a company manufacturing stainless steel precision castings and machining of ss parts. our main products include marine hardware, construction hardware, mechanical parts, cookware and horse fittings. the brand of our products is smc marine.  

with our polishing passivation technology, our 316 stainless steel products can stand a salt spray test of 300 hours with no rusting and our 304 stainless steel products can stand a salt spray test of 200 hours. different from acid washing, this technology make surface treatment to ss parts after polishing and all other treatments. this new technology is leading in the field and solves the problem of ss parts getting rusted with long time usage which cause poor look.

with our own r&d department and our engineers and technicians who have years of industrial experiences with ss products, we have the full capability to develop new products for customers, from drawing and sample making to manufacturing and new product development.

we are especially good at machining of half made ss precision castings, high precision machining,passivation treatment,electrolytic polishing, vibration lapping,hand polishing,precision carving patterns,test and determination of materials,performance analysis.
located in the same place with the second biggest oil field shengli, we are close to qingdao port and shanghai port for shipment.

we sincerely invite friends from all over the world to come visit our company and our manufacture facility!

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